Lauren, Mernda Vic.

They say that until you’ve had a baby you can’t understand the impact it has on your life. Well, they were right! When we were lucky enough to have little Jaxon enter our world there was so much to learn and so much we didn’t expect. Having access to the support of Lois Wattis with the Newbaby101 book meant that we never felt alone – and it was particularly helpful for me during the nights when there was no one to help me understand what Jaxon needed or wanted. I now find that it’s constantly at my fingertips – a place where I can check in and reassure myself, or just identify what is happening in the constantly changing life of my son. I only wish I had purchased it before I had him – it would have taken a lot of the fear out of everything and prepared me better for his arrival. I highly recommend the book to all new (and even experienced) mums as it’s a great resource and support.

Thanks Lois – you have been my guardian angel!

04 May 2015| no comments.

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