Recommended Services & Products

Lois provides expert Lactation Consultancy services in person to parents on the Sunshine Coast, Qld, and also via phone, Zoom or Facebook Messenger. For more information visit  click here.

Lois recommends using a wide neck teat with a gradually angled shape for breastfed babies who are also having some bottle feeds. Breastfeeding is less likely to be affected by bottle feeds if baby is fed using the “Paced Bottle Feeding” technique. Using a wide based teat will help baby maintain a wide gape latch (like a good latch when breastfeeding). The “paced feeding technique” aims to simulate the natural suck, swallow & pause feeding pattern of breastfeeding. Contact Lois if you would like more information.

Click here to watch a video about Placed Bottle Feeding.

Baby Wipes

Lois recommends WaterWipes click image to find out why.